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An achingly human tale of love, mental illness and family secrets - Author K J Taylor 

Modern coming of age story based in Melbourne, Australia that explores themes of mental illness, family, love, and the pressure of high school.

Paddy had a troubled childhood. One night, he made a promise that could solve everything.


Now entering his final year of school, all he wants to do is get through it with something like a happy ending. But when he finds his dead dad’s old journal, a chain of events is set in motion that will challenge the core of his life and what he thinks he knows about the person closest to him.


In a year that most people his age are just trying to get their licence and manage the pressure of Year Twelve, Paddy will try to do the same … all while he falls in love, uncovers family secrets, faces his ultimate fear, and is forced to find a way forward without the crutch of a promise he once made.


Life changes. Love hurts.

Tragic romance about a quadriplegic man trying to recapture his passion for life and his wife.

The future, you just never see it coming. Cody once had nothing. Then he had everything. Now, he has nothing.

When he was a successful fashion photographer, traveling the world and living in luxury with Isobel, the love of his life, Cody could never have pictured that things would turn out like this.  Now a quadriplegic, Cody has lost all passion for life and his wife. He finds himself in a strange position when, after years of prompting, Isobel finally starts trying to move on. When Isobel’s new boyfriend Jake enters his life, Cody is confronted with the reality of completely losing her. But, that was what he wanted … right?

These Pictures of Us is a modern love story about dealing with change, discovering unexpected friendship, and trying to find hope where there seems to be none.

Can Cody find a way to recapture his passion for life and Isobel before it’s too late?


For your future to bright, sometimes you must confront the darkness in your past.

Two lovers torn apart and must both face the demons of their pasts if they are to reunite.

After five passionate years together, lovers Dane Costello and Kayla Manning are torn apart when Dane leaves to buy milk. While Kayla is forced to fight for her life in hospital, Dane is thrown back into a world he fled from years before.

Kayla tells her story through a series of quirky, unsent letters to Dane and relives her rollercoaster past in her childhood diaries, a past she must face if she is to survive. At the same time, Dane must confront his own violent past and the person who hates him most – the one he was once closest to – if he is to make it back to the woman he loves.

Just Went Out For Milk is a physical and emotional journey, the raw love story of two scarred people, who long to find their place in the world.

Will Dane make it back to Kayla? Will she be alive if he does?

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I grew up in the eastern countryside of Victoria, Australia. There, in a verdant valley of gum trees and rolling paddocks, I first fell in love with storytelling. I now live in Melbourne with my family.

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